While our comprehensive A.R.T. stencil packs have everything you need to work at your local hospital or surgeons office, the stencil sheets are ideal for your main clinic.   


Our DEBBIE stencil sheets, help you recreate survivors favorite style with ease, for a fraction of the cost.  Each order comes with 5 full sheets, each with 12 stencils, creating 60 stencils, or 30 pairs.


Choose your size, and trim stencils from the page yourself, as needed, and save yourself alot of money!  


What you will also need to purchase to set yourself up ideally:

- skin prep, obviously!  Clean that surface squeaky clean!

- stencil gel to apply the stencil to the clean skin surface

- lubrication, as ALL areas require lubrication prior to and during the tattoo process, especially compromised tissue

- reference to create the A.R.T.istic illusion necessary for realism

- We recommend also stocking NIPPLEBACKS in pairs to sell or gift to survivors to try on and fall in love before committing to the real thing, available in this store!