One of ur Original designs , designed by Stacie-Rae and named after one of her good friends.  Back in the beginning of A.R.T. and NIPPLEBACKS, Stacie-Rae asked a few of her consenting friends to let her photograph their nipples to draw portraits of!  With a great sense of humour, a few awesome ladies lined up for a chance to help other women feel great about their changed bodies.  We loved the idea so much back then that we threw a patent on it and created a fun line of great designs!


Designed for light-medium skin, this style is strong enough to work on most skin tones up to medium.  


Each package has 12 units, for a total of 6 pairs 

(except for the variety pack, which has 10 units) 


All NIPPLEBACKS are printed on a transparent background so that your natural skin tone shows through for a fitting look on pretty much anyone. 


* Some colours and styles will work better with you than others, and thats why we have a huge variety.  

* All ingredients are FDA approved and NIPPLEBACKS are safe for use on anyone once the initial wound site is closed.

* Normal wear expectation is 5-10 days, but some buyers enjoy up to 30 days of wear with careful washing and light powdering.

* NIPPLEBACKS can be easily removed after a shower, or with use of hand sanitizer or eucalyptus oil


25,00$ Prix original
22,50$Prix promotionnel
  • No returns or exchanges.

    This is an intimate item and there will be a zero return policy, of course.

    Make sure you order the style you like best for now!

  • Items are shipped within the US are sent First Class Tracked via USPS.  You will be emailed a tracking number once the items have shipped.

    Please wait 2-3 weeks.  Thank you for your patience



© 2010 Stacie-Rae Weir,, 

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