The DEBBIE Stencil Pack is awesome because it contains much of what you need to do a great nipple tattoo while taking away most of the guesswork!


*Follow a basic Stencil outline and utilize the reference photo so you can enjoy the freedom to focus on reading what the scar tissue is telling you!

*And remember, no nipples are perfect circles - A.R.T. imitates life!


We give you the colour reference so you can read the depth and texture required to do an amazing job creating the illusion of realism.  Included:

     -  3 Pairs of stencils, one pair of each in Small, Medium and Large so you're ready for any size breast!  Small stencils for small breasts, and so on...

    -  2 Alcohol Swabs to remove skin prep product from area for reliable stencil adhesion.

    -  Stencil Gel to apply S8 red stencil so it will last through the tattoo process

    -  Instruction Card with both colour AND greyscale reference so you know exactly where to create depth.


We recommend stocking NIPPLEBACKS for your clients to try on all our styles while deciding what they love best!  New Wholesale Starter Kit available for medical and body tattooists to provide these powerful emotional  healing aids.



- EXPERT OR A.R.T. training is required to do permanent body tattooing over damaged tissue

- We do NOT support "self-taught" or online-educated-only medical tattooists.  This work requires true excellence and dedication, it must be respected.


Designed for use with the Pink Ribbon Series pigments by World Famous Ink,

as well as NIPPLEBACKS and A.R.T. Flash Sheet.

Colour Combination of the Debbie will NOT work on all skin types.



DEBBIE Stencil Pack

  • There will be no returns, refunds or exchanges on these intimate items designed for use by breast cancer survivors who are sensitive.

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