The A.R.T. "Choose Your Look" -  BOOK ONLY!!!

This is a complete system to help experienced nipple tattooists do and be their best, with everything they need to collaborate with and empower their clients with real choice, to create the ultimate results and long-term client satisfaction. We really did think of everything!



(well, we will send you a couple NIPPLEBACKS and maybe a stencil pack to try)


This book is awesome because it tells you a little bit about what is required to do this kind of tattooing well, and how important in-person training is!

We have 10 different, Original designs created by the A.R.T. team with reference in each style in colour as well as in greyscale. We also have a line drawing of each style to show you how ineffective perfect circles are when recreating a natural look!

The book also has a little bio on each contributing heARTist with a message to tattooists AND survivors!




Also available are 2 other versions of our complete package, with the "look book", including as much as the following items, deciding on the package you choose:

20 NB pairs, with a retail value of $ 5.00 each, $100 total

10 stencil packs at $5.00 each - with stencil gel, lubrication, alcohol and 3 prs.

NIPPLEBACKS "Flash Sheet" - diagram sheet, value of $30

* Combined retail value of $225 when purchased seperately


A.R.T. imitates life and A.R.T. puts ART first in everything we do!

We make your job easier so you can just focus on the real challenge - the skin.

- Tips on how to achieve realism

- Colour AND greyscale reference to show you how ARTists achieve depth and texture.

- Stencils in 3 sizes to fit any client. Stencil packs come with:

- Stencil Gel, Lubrication, instructions, reference AND alcohol swabs.

- NIPPLEBACKS to allow the client to choose the style she loves best.

- 30 seconds to wholeness, temporary 3D nipples are the ultimate emotional healing aid for anyone who has had a mastectomy to feel normal again.



NIPPLEBACKS are now available in wholesale variety packs to make it easy for you to keep them stocked to gift or sell to Breast Cancer Survivors in your area!

Please inquire to decide what option suits your business best.

Wholesale is also available to Breast Cancer boutiques, Surgeons and Oncologists offices, and anyone else who is in the Breast Cancer Community.

"Choose Your Look" book (only)

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