Quebec, Canada

Coming soon to Canada, shipping from BRCA Sisterhood leader Karen Lazarovitz in Montreal, QB


Coming Soon to Canada, shipping from heARTists Cindy's studio Obsidian Tattoo in Qu'Appelle, SK

United Kingdom

Also Available in United Kingdom, shipping from heARTist Becky Barker's Studio Lumina in Malvern

Warning -

Fake Nipples!!!

Only Click if you are over 18!

Our artistic renditions of the Nipple/Areola complex are often flagged and we get in big trouble for sharing images of a life-giving body part that EVERYONE has, even children and pets.  

30 seconds to wholeness!

NIPPLEBACKS are unique and patented in over 65 countries, including all of the U.K and Europe, as well as U.S.A. and Canada too!

More distributors coming, in France, Malta, Spain, and NL